Word formation is one of the most difficult aspects of the learning of vocabulary in English. Last speaking class was about the suffix -ish, a very interesting suffix which is used to transform a noun into an adjective. This new adjective would take the characteristics of the original noun.

Here you are a document that you can print in order to learn more about this suffix.

On this website 1 and website 2 you have the definitions of the suffix -ish.

Here you are a webpage talking about all suffixes and prefixes in English.

In class, we tried to practise and learn the meaning of this suffix with a funny activity. Students had to take a card where there was an -ish adjective. They have to find something to put on so that the rest of the pupils could guess the word written on the paper. Afterwards, they told a sentence and tried to put the word in context. It was a bit hard but we had a wonderful time.