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Groundhog Day

Last 2nd February people from some places of the United States celebrated «Groundhog Day»
We were talking about this festival and some other traditions in our speaking classes. Now it is time to keep on knowing more about this American tradition by clicking HERE.

Do you believe Phil’s weather prediction? In this case, we must prepare for six more weeks of winter!

Giving Personal Opinion

In this websites you can find interesting and useful expressions to express personal opinion.
List of expressions
How to express opinion (with explanations and examples)
Agreeing and disagreeing with an opinion
Useful phrases to express opinion (with Spanish translation)

this video to learn more things about giving opinions. It is a good way
to practise your listening skills too, as it is a clear English and you
can read the trascription on the subtitles if you need it.

Burns Night

«Each year Scottish people across t
he world celebrate an unique dinner
known as ‘Burns Night’. This is to remember a famous Scottish poet
called Robert Burns.» (British Council)

Today, 25th January, is the very day when this is celebrated. If you want to read more about this tradition, click HERE. You will also find interesting videos and facts about the Scottish culture and food.

You may know that the traditional meal in Scotland is ‘haggis,’ a kind of our ‘morcilla’ served in very different ways. Robert Burns wrote a poem called «Adress to haggis» about it. You can learn new vocabulary HERE with this poem and also listen to it.

Thanksgiving Day 2013 in our Speaking Class

La semana pasada celebramos Thanksgiving hablando de la historia de dicha celebración americana. Además, el mismo jueves tuvimos una visita muy especial en nuestra clase de conversación de inglés, una buena amiga y antigua colaboradora americana del CITA. Con ella
estuvimos hablando de la tradicional costumbre de Acción de Gracias de
su país y otros aspectos de la vida y cultura americana. Todo un placer,
como siempre, contar con su presencia. Los asistentes tuvieron la oportunidad de poner en práctica sus conocimientos con una nativa que además les contó muchas cosas interesantes de algunos de los aspectos de la forma de vida americana.

Nuevamente…. muchas gracias Patricia por acompañarnos.

Halloween 2013

31st October is the «All Hallow’s Eve» Do you know the history of this celebration? Do you know why people dressed up? Do you know the origin of ‘trick of treating’? Below you will find a video and then an article so that you can learn more about the history of Halloween and also the controversy about celebrating it if you are Christian.

Reading: Halloween’s Pagan Roots and Alleged Evils Leave Many Asking: Should Christians Celebrate?

Now some videos and links to practise your reading, listening and speaking skills from the Englis BBC.

Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension 1
Listening Comprehension 2 (video)

For the occasion, we spoke to our American friend and teacher John Derosa and some of his colleagues and students via Skype. We talked about different topics, but mainly Halloween and its tradition.
It was a very exciting and productive conversation and we will reapeat it for sure!

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