These are the boys and girls who travelled to Edinburgh with their parents and Mª Luisa (the one writing).

We had a really good time in Edinburgh! We visited many places and we enjoyed almost all of them!
In Flickr (on the right) you can see pictures from our trip there!


Here you are the planning of the trip in case you want to look at it or
need it for future trips!


This is the official webpage.
It’s in English so use the dictionary if necessary!  Good luck! or try
this one in Spanish!

Do you want to watch some pictures of Edinburgh? Here you are some
collections from the Internet! PHOTOS


Do you want some memories…?

Here we have a video of the city, I hope you like it and it refreshes your memories…

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  1. Anónimo

    ¡¡Qué gozada!!
    Yo el próximo año me apunto al curso de inglés… ¡y al viaje!
    A pasarlo bien.

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