It is important to know the differencies between the British and the American English, especially when we talk to an American woman during our speaking classes. Everybody knows that there are not only differencies in the pronunciation, but also in the vocabulary, spelling and grammar. You may not have problems when using British English in the USA or viceversa, but even native speakers might find troubles!

In class we will start working on a list of words but here you can find links to several webpages with lots of words to learn and exercises for parctise. I hope you enjoy everything!

British English/ American English Vocabulary a list of British and American English words
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Bigger List of words arranged in alphabetical order

Online Conversor British and American English

British/ American English Vocabulary Quiz
More exercises (British- American English)
Try more exercises here
What about a story about New York City?

 Here you are a very interesting video where Misterduncan explains the differences between British and American English. Click here if you cannot watch it