Listening to English is difficult. There might be
noise, you might be tired, the other person might not be speaking
clearly… there are a thousand things that could influence the way you
listen…But the good news is that you don’t need to understand every word in
order to follow things. Experts have shown that we only actually
hear/understand about 40% of the words during a conversation – our brain
fills in the rest for us. (from Hot English Magazine)
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   Improve your English listening skills
You can do many different things to improve your listening skills, but the most important one is listening as much as you can.

Here you are different webpages to do so.

Phonetics and Phonology: Minimal pairs
Listening games
Listening practice exercises (choose your level)
Listening quizzes (different levels)
Listening exercises

I hope you improve your listening skills so much with all this practice! Good listening!