Thanksgiving Day was celebrated on 22nd November this year, the fourth Thursday of November as you know. We has a special session in our English classes to celebrate this festivity and we learnt the history of the first Thanksgiving Day as well.

Here you can find interesting links to websites where you can practise your listening and reading skills as well as lear some important cultural aspects of some English language speaking countries.

The First Thanksgiving Day, an interactive and virtual trip to history
Listening Comprehension: fill in the gaps
Listening Games, search Thanksgiving

To make things even better, funnier and more interesting, we invited our friend John Derosa to join our speaking class so that he can tell us about the meaning of this tradition nowadays and how he celebrates it. It was really nice and everybody was eager to participate and ald him more questions.

We also knew about the so called Black Friday, that is the day after Thanksgiving Day and everybody starts Christmas shoppings with high discounts!