31st October is the «All Hallow’s Eve» Do you know the history of this celebration? Do you know why people dressed up? Do you know the origin of ‘trick of treating’? Below you will find a video and then an article so that you can learn more about the history of Halloween and also the controversy about celebrating it if you are Christian.

Reading: Halloween’s Pagan Roots and Alleged Evils Leave Many Asking: Should Christians Celebrate?

Now some videos and links to practise your reading, listening and speaking skills from the Englis BBC.

Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension 1
Listening Comprehension 2 (video)

For the occasion, we spoke to our American friend and teacher John Derosa and some of his colleagues and students via Skype. We talked about different topics, but mainly Halloween and its tradition.
It was a very exciting and productive conversation and we will reapeat it for sure!