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Hi everyone 

For those of you attending the evening conversation-building workshop, here you have a clear example of how to set the debate on the topic we were talking about last day. In this document you’ll find interesting ideas on the topic and on how sterile the discussion could become when it gets off the focus around the basic concerns we all have on the pros and cons of both kinds of transports.
Apart from that, you’ll also find attached a clip taken from youtube on the same topic and carried out by real native people trying to make it clear the advantages and disadvantages of both means as well as other new concepts like CARPOOLING, LOW COST MOBILITY, etc
I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Groundhog Day

Last 2nd February people from some places of the United States celebrated «Groundhog Day»
We were talking about this festival and some other traditions in our speaking classes. Now it is time to keep on knowing more about this American tradition by clicking HERE.

Do you believe Phil’s weather prediction? In this case, we must prepare for six more weeks of winter!

English conversations

How do you learn to ride a bike…? Just RIDING A BIKE!! So, how do you learn to speak English…? Just, SPEAKING ENGLISH? And how do you learn to understand English…? Just, LISTENING ENGLISH!! Here you are a video with real conversations in English, although it has subtitles, try not to read them and understand the conversation by listening. Good luck!!


Would you like to have an English language exchange? Try this website and find somebody from Spain or other country that is also learning English and wants to practice English with you. You have text chats or voice chats via skype! It may be really funny and interesting!

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¿Te gustaría tener un intercambio de inglés? Prueba en esta página web y encuentra a alguien de España o cualquier otro país que también esté aprendiendo inglés y quiera practicar inglés contigo. Tienes chats de texto o de voz via skype!  Puede ser muy divertido e interesante!

Speaking Games

If you like speaking in English and you like playing board games, you are lucky, click here or on the picture and you could do both!!!


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